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espaces & odors
espaces & odors



Descripción del Proyecto


To start, We Have conducter to begin an investigation dog Develop Our project.To do this we started thinking about Unpleasant Situations Which causing us A Certain Feeling in the city environment. In general, the Unpleasant sensations produced by Generally: Exhaustion, Lack of protection, discomfort, vulnerability. After, We Decide to Develop more and choose as a concept for Our project: Vulnerability (want to be protect), Drowing (need to breath, to express, to form their own space), unknow. So our concept is that each person feels they have their own space in any place, a place to feel protected, to express their feelings, their emotions … // Our idea is the DUALITY: The unknown (place, people …), because on one hand gives us a sense of fear, nerves and on the other hand we are curious, eager to learn new things. The two things we do have the need to appropriate the space to feel comfortable; To the breath, walking around town or just being in a series ua espaciose produce odors that are not always enjoyable. On the one hand to bad odors do not want to breathe, do not want the smell from the nose or the mouth and on the other hand, the breathing is a vital physiological need to live.

Objetivos del proyecto

Create a garment on which the user can express their feelings or images that you like creating your own space in a big, crowded, but sometimes it is empty, where you do not feel comfortable if you do not know, that is the goal of the garment customize your "space" to feel comfortable with something unknown. It is also designed to solve the problem of smells in the city, as there are many smells bad, but not all unknown. / We have therefore designed a dress on which to express ourselves freely and simultaneously (with the ink markers) to avoid these smells are not pleasant. / How are interior designers, we think of a way to adapt our idea, our project inside by an elastic, so that the garment fits the body in different positions and different items of furniture like a lamp, a chair, a table ...

Público objetivo del proyecto

The public to whom we wish to address the object are designers looking where I showed their concerns, seeking a place to customize. And with the tourists as a way to translate their feelings, do not feel as strangers in a strange place, well then they can keep as a souvenir.


Playing with this duality and the need to create a personal space around us, we started to develop the proyect. We thought of a dress on which the user can translate what he feels at that time (through pictures, words ...), create your space, with its sensations and feelings, not feeling alone or unprotected to a space or strange people .This dress would be white (so you can write about it), would consist of several strips of fabric, not too long to be manageable, hung around the neck so that it can rotate.Thus, the garment after use is not stored in a drawer, but that is reused and stored as a memory (a space, a feeling ...)


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