entry #5

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entry #5

Martes, 18 de mayo de 2010, por atochavazquezdoderorodriguez

Playing with this duality and the need to create a personal space around us, we started to develop the preoyecto.

We thought of a dress on which the user can translate what he feels at that time (through pictures, words …), create your space, with its sensations and feelings, not feeling alone or unprotected to a space or strange people .

This dress would be white (so you can write about it), would consist of several strips of fabric, not too long to be manageable, hung around the neck so that it can rotate.

Since we are going to interior design to convey our interior and we have come that way would be adding an elastic tissue in the neck area, so when we get home or any interior, we can remove the clothing and adapt to the furniture (tables, lamps …)

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